News this week: 9 Sep 2022

What has happened in macro and crypto in the week of 2 to 9 September, 2022, including updates on what we're building on Basis Markets.

News this week: 9 Sep 2022
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ECB raises rates by 75 basis points
• The European Central Bank (ECB) raised interest rates by an unprecedented +75 basis points (bps).
• The ECB lifted its deposit rate to 0.75% from 0% and refinancing rate to 1.25% to combat inflation.

Market bracing for 0.75bps hike from Fed
• Probability increase of three-quarter point hike this month according to CME Group.
• The Fed has raised rates by 225 bps this year and has begun reducing the size of its balance sheet.


SEC: "crypto doesn't need more guidance"
•SEC Chairman Gary Gensler said crypto doesn't need guidance. It must abide by securities laws.
• The Chairman added that "Lending companies fall under the SEC's jurisdiction if they offer securities".

Fed calls for stablecoin regulation
• Fed Vice Chair Brainard calls for crypto-specific regulations, notes stablecoin risks.
• While crypto "has all the same risks [...] from traditional finance,” its quirks need tailored solutions.

White House Suggests Banning POW
• Two White House government agencies released a report suggestion banning proof-of-word (POW).
• They suggest taking actions to control high energy consumption by crypto mining POW mechanism.

No ETH loans
• Some DeFi and exchanges stopped loaning ETH ahead of The Merge.
• Protocols and exchanges are worried about liquidity issues.

Ethereum upgrade before The Merge
• Ethereum’s Bellatrix upgrade has been activated this week.
• This upgrade was the final step before Ethereum switches to proof of stake.

Binance stops support for select stablecoins
• Binance to stop supporting USDC, USDP, and TUSD as trade-able assets on its platform.
• User can still deposit and withdraw these assets, but they will be aggregated into BUSD while trading.

Basis Markets

We hosted a live town hall on 9 September 2022 on YouTube, in which we  discussed:

  • Current state of DeFi;
  • Our new offering;
  • Technical deliverables;
  • Revised project road map;
  • The path forward.

You can watch the replay and download the slides below. See you next week.

Basis Markets town hall 9 September 2022